What Is Toyota Tacoma PreRunner?

These days when Toyota offers super-capable TRD-badged models, the PreRunner kit seems a little bit forgotten. Fortunately for all of us who feel nostalgic, it looks like the Japanese manufacturer plans to bring back these packages. Essentially a lift package, it ensures better off-road performances, while keeping things simple. Therefore, one of the biggest benefits of the new Toyota Tacoma PreRunner would be an affordable price, considering that the current off-roaders, models under TRD badge can cost a real fortune. Therefore, we are eagerly waiting to see if this will turn out to be true, or just another rumor that has been circulating around these days.

The new Tacoma received a major update, so many believe that the well-known package could find its place among novelties as well. Still, keep in mind that this is just a rumor.

2020 Toyota Tacoma

PreRunner vs Base Tacoma

There are various notable differences between the base model and the Toyota Tacoma PreRunner. First of all, this is an optional package, which can be ordered with any Tacoma that features V6 engine and

2WD. Therefore, the list of standard equipment may vary from version to version. Still, the difference is obvious. Just at the first look, you can notice big differences. First of all, there are several visual upgrades. Different wheels and off-road tires are the most obvious differences, along with higher ground clearances. Latest reports suggest that the new version could come with a couple of more distinctive details, particularly in terms of styling. Some reports go even further and suggest a completely new body kit, which would include bumpers, fenders and several more interesting details. Of course, all of this is still just a rumor, as the officials are still quiet about the possible return of this package.

2002 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

Toyota Tacoma PreRunner Kit

Of course, there is a bunch of differences between Toyota Tacoma PreRunner and base models. This package brings a lot of upgrades over the standard model and most of them are mechanical nature. The most interesting thing about it is that, although an off-roader, this is a 2WD truck, which makes it very fun to drive. Naturally, there are various off-road upgrades. The truck is wider and taller for about 2 inches. Of course, there is a completely new suspension setup, which among other improvements also raises ground clearance for about 1.5 inches.

Thanks to a new suspension, the previous version of the PreRunner features higher payload capacity compared to the standard 2WD model, so we could expect the same in the future. As an off-roader, this version also comes with bigger wheels and off-road tires. Practically, those are the same ones that can be found in 4×4 Tacomas. Among other mechanical upgrades, we also count on bigger brakes, lifted rear axle and slightly revised steering. Of course, this package would be available with a V6 engine only.

Toyota Tacoma PreRunner Accessories – Bumper, Headlights, Fenders

As we already mentioned the Toyota Tacoma PreRunner should feature a lot of distinctive visual details. We count on a lot of accessories in the offer, but some work on the body as well. The first thing that comes to mind is the front bumper, which should be designed in a typical off-road manner, bigger and more aggressive, but also with a better approach angle. The same thing is expected with the rear bumper and its departure angle. A front bumper bar is definitely another thing we expect to see in the offer with this package.

This version has always been wider than the base Tacoma. Therefore, another thing we expect to see is a little bit of work on the sheet metal and overall body. The first thing that comes to mind are fenders, which should be wider and more massive. Along with bigger wheels and off-road tires, this should be one of the most distinctive parts of the Toyota Tacoma PreRunner.

2015 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

Another part of the truck that could come with tweaks is the lighting. The first thing that comes to mind is headlights design, which will remain the same but could come with a couple of modifications. Also, we could see all those lighting groups on the roof, front bumper etc.

Among Toyota Tacoma PreRunner accessories, we could also see things like a roll bar, as well as some graphics, badges etc. Also, some interior accessories could be offered as well. We don’t know which ones exactly, but a couple of them would be nice.


It is still early to talk about the price of this package, as it is only a rumor at the moment. Also, it would largely depend on the list of features that would be included in the Toyota Tacoma PreRunner package. Still, we may presume it would cost a couple of thousands of dollars. It would probably be available in every Tacoma with a V6 engine, including the base SR trim, which starts at around 28.000 dollars. Therefore, the cheapest PreRunner would definitely go over 30.000 dollars.


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