Toyota Tacoma Factory Tonneau Cover

Every truck maker offers a whole bunch of accessories and tonneau cover is among the most important ones. It is an essential piece of equipment for every truck, which provides more convenient use and ensures a smooth workflow. Although a quite simple piece of equipment, it has two extremely important functions. First of all, it keeps your bed and load from the sun, rain and other environmental influences that can cause damage. Also, it provides extra security for your items by keeping them out of sight. Toyota is no exception, so instead of getting one on the aftermarket, you can get Toyota Tacoma factory tonneau cover.

Toyota Tacoma Factory Tonneau Cover Specs

You are probably aware of all the benefits that a tonneau cover brings. However, it is also important to have a quality cover. In most cases, the best one comes directly from the truck maker. Therefore, the Toyota Tacoma factory tonneau cover is designed especially for the popular truck. It perfectly fits its dimensions and design characteristics.

Toyota Tacoma Factory Tonneau Cover back side

One of the things we like most about this tonneau cover is that it’s made from hi-quality materials. It combines hi-quality vinyl and aluminum and that is a combination that ensures a perfect balance between utility and durability. It features a sleek trifold design, so it can quickly install or remove it. Also, we like the fact that you can quickly fold it forward if you want to load some bigger objects in your cargo bed.

The overall quality of the Toyota Tacoma factory tonneau cover is great, so you can be sure that it will protect your items from the sun, rain, snow etc. As we already mentioned, this cover is also great if you want to deter theft of your gear and other valuables.

Toyota Tacoma Factory Tonneau Cover and Fuel Economy

Many considered this as a myth but the latest studies proved that you can actually save a lot of money if you use tonneau cover. Trucks aren’t very fuel-efficient vehicles, so this could actually play a very important role. According to the same researches, a tonneau cover has a highly positive effect on aerodynamics. More precisely, it reduces aerodynamic drag. In numbers, this would mean around 10% better fuel economy. In practice, this means two more miles with each gallon, which seems like enough reason to get Toyota Tacoma factory tonneau cover.

Toyota Tacoma Factory Tonneau Cover

Toyota Tacoma Accessories

Besides Toyota Tacoma tonneau cover, there is a whole bunch of other accessories you can get for your Tacoma. Of course, many of them can make your cargo bed more practical and functional. There are things like bed extender, bedliner, D rings, cargo divider, cargo net and more.

Also, there is a range of nice exterior accessories such as different kinds of doorsteps, bed steps, graphics, exhaust tips, roof rack and more.

On the inside, you can get things like floor mats, door sill protectors, tablet holder, cargo tote, ashtray cup and more.

Finally, there are numerous TRD-badged accessories, starting from gear shifter, skid plate, radiator and oil caps, graphics, exhaust system, wheels and much more.

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