Coolest 2020 Tacoma Accessories – Bed Rack and Headlights

Customization plays an important role in all vehicles, particularly when it comes to pickup trucks. Of course, the Tacoma is not an exception. Besides numerous trim levels, packages and standalone options, many drivers like to add all kinds of accessories. Like any other manufacturer, Toyota has many of them in the offer. There are all kinds of exterior and interior accessories, as well as accessories that come from the TRD division. However, most buyers feel that a couple of them are missing. Among them, the coolest 2020 Tacoma accessories are bed rack and headlights. While it seems logical to replace headlights with aftermarket parts, we would like to see OEM bed racks in the offer. Unfortunately, we won’t see in the new model either. Fortunately, many of them are available in the aftermarket. They are good and also quite affordable, and would probably cheaper compared to OEM ones.

Coolest 2020 Tacoma Accessories – Bed Rack and Headlights

As we’ve just mentioned, you can’t get these directly from Toyota. Despite there are tons of accessories in the offer, these two aren’t. This is a little bit disappointing, especially when it comes to bed racks, as we would all like to have a possibility to have a little bit more versatile bed. Whether it’s about bikes or other kinds of cargo, these things are extremely useful. Fortunately, many of them are available on the aftermarket.

coolest 2020 Tacoma accessories - bed rack


The same thing goes with the headlights. Still, it is hard to expect these kinds of accessories, especially if we consider that the recent update has brought new lamps and LED lighting. New LED headlights look amazing, but if you want to make your truck look even better, you can check, there are all kinds of headlamps on the market, including projector lamps, halo lamps, all kinds of LED lights etc. These are definitely some of the coolest 2020 Tacoma accessories you can get.

What are the coolest 2020 Tacoma accessories the company offers?

There are tons of them. Basically, we can divide them into several groups, starting from exterior and interior accessories, performance accessories, as well as those that come with the TRD badge.

Exterior Accessories

Among the coolest 2020 Tacoma accessories, many of them refer to the exterior design. Some of the first things that come to mind are those about the cargo bed. You can make your bed look better with LED lighting, but there are also quite practical and functional accessories like bed divider, bed mat, bed step, cargo net etc. Of course, other parts of the exterior can be upgraded as well. You can get upgraded exhaust tips, bed cover, mudguards, door edge guard and many more.

coolest 2020 Tacoma accessories bed extender


Interior accessories are numerous as well. Of course, the first things that come to mind are all kinds of floor mats, but there are also things like coin holder, emergency assistance kit, door sill protection, glass breakage sensor and even a universal tablet holder.


When it comes to the coolest 2020 Tacoma accessories in terms of performance, most of them come with the TRD badge. Of course, there are off-road wheels, skid plate and TRD Pro exhaust systems. You can even make your Tacoma look better under the hood with TRD radiator and oil caps, as well as with TRD oil and air filters.

On the inside, you can get a TRD shift knob. A good thing to know is that these knobs are available both for automatic and manual shifters.

Other Interesting Features for 2020 Tacoma

The 2020 Toyota Tacoma comes with big updates and besides cool accessories, there are also all kinds of interesting new features. Most of them are on the inside. First of all, this truck finally comes with a power-adjustable driver’s seat. Also, there is a new infotainment system, as well as bigger touchscreens for all versions. The new software is faster, more intuitive and also comes with smartphone goodies like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa. Also, there are new camera-based systems that allow you to see everything that is happening around and underneath the vehicle.

Outside the new Tacoma, you won’t notice that many changes. Although this is a mid-cycle update, the only major styling novelty is a new grille, which keeps the same shape but comes with a new pattern. Also, there are new LED headlights, although the shape remains the same.

The off-road TRD Pro model also comes with a couple of nice new features. One of the first things we should mention is a new Army Green color. There are also new Fox shocks, while the suspension has been raised for about an inch. Of course, all other off-road goodies carried on from the previous model year.

Army Green

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any changes under the hood. Despite the rumors about all kinds of new powertrain options, the 2020 Tacoma continues with two familiar gasoline engine options in the offer.

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