2023 Toyota Tacoma: Redesign, Changes, and HYBRID

2023 Toyota Tacoma hybrid

The next generation of the best-selling mid-size pickup is expected very soon. The looks will be inspired by the Tundra full-size truck. One of the benefits is that the 2023 Toyota Tacoma will have a new engine, as well as a coil-spring rear. It is inspired by the totally redesigned Toyota Tundra. The similarity should be … Read more

2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Features and Possible Changes

2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

Although one of the oldest models in the segment, Tacoma TRD Pro is still one of the most capable off-roaders around and we are pretty sure that the Japanese manufacturer won’t rush with the redesign. Therefore, the current generation should remain in production for a couple of more years. For this time, we don’t expect … Read more

2021 Toyota Tundra Release Date and Specs

2021 Toyota Tundra Release Date

There has been a lot of talk about the 2021 Toyota Tundra release date these days and things finally became clear. As you already know, the next generation of the full-size pickup truck is under development. Initially, it was expected that the new model will hit the market by the end of this year, as … Read more

2022 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Expectations

2022 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

The current generation of the North American most popular mid-size truck hasn’t been around for too long. However, we are getting all kinds of reports that suggest different changes in the near future, including a complete redesign. Among these reports and rumors, the 2022 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid takes a special place, as one of the … Read more

2022 Toyota Tacoma: What to Expect

2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

These days, we can find a lot of reports about the 2022 Toyota Tacoma and many of them suggest significant changes. Things are pretty simple here, as the recent update was pretty mild. It hasn’t brought any particular visual or mechanical changes and the focus was rather on things like new interior features. That’s the … Read more

2022 Toyota Tacoma Rumors and Expectations

2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors main

These days, the number of rumors in the automotive industry is huge. Every day we are getting some reports about all kinds of changes and novelties. As the most popular mid-size truck on the market, Tacoma is no exception either. After we’ve seen the recent update,  we can now find loads of reports that focus … Read more

2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign: What To Expect

2022 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

The recent update of the most popular pickup truck in North America has brought a fine number of novelties. There are new technologies, new standard features, as well as a couple of mechanical tweaks on certain versions. However, most truck enthusiasts, especially Tacoma fans expected a little bit more. As you probably read in so … Read more

2021 Toyota Tacoma Release Date Details

2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Release Date

The most popular mid-size pickup truck on the market has recently received a major update. For this occasion, the Japanese manufacturer was acting pretty pragmatic. Instead of offering all kinds of visual modification, the focus was on the most critical points. Therefore, the new version came mostly with updates in terms of features. This particularly … Read more