2023 Toyota Hilux: Facelift, Specs, and Release Date

2023 Toyota HiLux GR Sport

The new Toyota HiLux 2023 is going through a facelift. The truck is very popular and fans all over the world expect to see the fresh model very soon. The iconic pickup truck has been around for so much long time, and it built an unmatched status among these vehicles for remarkable reliability, durability, and … Read more

2021 Toyota Hilux Facelift: Rumors and Expectations

2021 Toyota Hilux facelift main

At this point, the current generation of the legendary pickup truck is somewhere in the middle of its production cycle. The current generation has been around since 2015 but one of the most interesting things about it is that a facelift happened just a couple of years later. That’s one of the reasons why many … Read more

2021 Toyota Hilux USA Might Happen!?

2021 Toyota Hilux USA main

One of the newest trends in the truck market in North America is the arrival of the new diesel version. Among full-size models, this is already a common thing, while mid-size models are going in the same direction. Chevy Colorado offers such versions for years, while Ranger and Gladiator are about to arrive with such … Read more

2021 Toyota Hilux May Get Another Facelift

The iconic pickup truck has been around for decades and it built an unparalleled reputation among these vehicles for impressive reliability, durability and off-road performances. The current generation is no exception. It has been around for about five years. The initial model arrived in 2017 and the first update happened just a couple of years … Read more

2020 Toyota Hilux Facelift, Specs, Features, Price

2020 Toyota Hilux Facelift

The model year of the legendary pickup truck is here and despite that many reports were suggesting updates, even the 2020 Toyota Hilux Facelift, things actually have remained the same. The iconic workhorse continues in the same way and definitely isn’t a handicap. Moreover, the Hilux is as good as ever. Of course, the first … Read more

2020 Toyota Hilux Australia: Specs and Features

2021 Toyota Hilux Revo

The iconic pickup truck has been around for more than five decades and it has always been a synonym for toughness, reliability and durability. The current generation continues in the same way, with the same design characteristics but also with improved comfort and overall driving convenience. One of the most important markets for this pickup … Read more

2020 Toyota Hilux Specs, Features and Price

2021 Toyota Hilux Revo

What the F-150 is to North America, Toyota HiLux is to the rest of the world. Those would be the best words to describe the legendary pickup truck. This iconic machine has been a synonym for durability, reliability and utility for decades and it still remains the most popular pickup truck outside North America, despite … Read more