2022 Toyota Tacoma Rumors and Expectations

These days, the number of rumors in the automotive industry is huge. Every day we are getting some reports about all kinds of changes and novelties. As the most popular mid-size truck on the market, Tacoma is no exception either. After we’ve seen the recent update,  we can now find loads of reports that focus on possible changes in the future. Considering that the 2021 model year will come just a year after the update, no one expects to see bigger changes. On the other side, 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors are numerous. We can find all kinds of reports that speculate about various aspects of this pickup truck. Some are focused on specific aspects, such as powertrain, while others are general and speculate about a complete redesign.

Therefore, we will present to you some of the most common rumors about the 2022 Toyota Tacoma you can find today.

2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors

2022 Toyota Tacoma About Redesign

Of course, we will start about redesign 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors. Things are pretty simple here. The recent update hasn’t brought all the changes people expected. As you probably remember, there we various kinds of reports about new powertrain options and similar things. Unfortunately, the recent update was pretty mild and we haven’t seen any change under the hood. Moreover, the styling has remained pretty much the same, while the focus was on interior updates, as well as on upgrades of certain versions.

All these things are the obvious reason while rumors about the redesign can already be found on the network. According to most 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors, the reason for such mild update lays in the fact that Toyota doesn’t plan to keep the current generation in production for too long. First of all, the rivals are already more capable in terms of towing. Also, keep in mind that Toyota has developed a new body-on-frame platform, which will be used for the new Tundra first, and then should be adapted for the next-generation Tacoma as well.

This platform will bring significant improvements. According to 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors, the new model will feature stiffer chassis but will be lighter as well. We count on better towing capacity, better ride quality, and better efficiency.

2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors

2022 Toyota Tacoma Rumors – Diesel

Another type of rumor that was frequent before the redesign as well. If we consider that most rivals already have diesel options in the offer, or will get in the near future, this makes perfect sense. Simply, diesel engines offer much more torque at lower revs, which is critical for typical truck tasks such as towing and hauling. That’s why diesel trucks have a higher towing capacity.

In order to keep the pace with models like Chevy Colorado Diesel, which can tow up to class-leading 7.700 pounds, Tacoma needs an oil-burner as well. That’s why we’ve been hearing rumors about diesel Tacoma for years.

Then it comes the exact engine diesel Tacoma could use, things are pretty clear. We count on 2.8-liter turbodiesel that delivers around 177 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. The same engine already powers Hilux and ensures the max towing capacity of more than 7.700 pounds. We presume that Tacoma would be able to make similar results as well.

Of course, keep in mind the fuel economy as well. The current gasoline models are pretty thirsty and Toyota desperately needs something more efficient. This engine would be a great choice for that matter.

2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors Interior


Electrification is another segment of 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors. We’ve been hearing stories about hybrid Tacoma for a while and it looks something is finally going to happen in the near future. At this point, it is hard to talk about details, but most reports speculate about two possible scenarios.

The first option is to see an efficient four-cylinder-base system, the same or similar to one we can find under the new Highlander. With such a system, Tacoma would be by far the most fuel-efficient truck in the class. The new Highlander returns way more than 30 mpg per gallon and we have no doubt that Tacoma would be able to do the same.

Other 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors suggest a more powerful, V6-based system. This makes perfect sense, considering that the smaller system wouldn’t be powerful enough to compete with diesel trucks in terms of towing. On the other side, a V6-based system would definitely be able for that, while the fuel economy would remain on a high level as well. At this point, some reports suggest a slightly modified version of the system that powers Lexus LS 500h, which is good for more than 350 horsepower. On the other side, it won’t be surprised if Toyota develops a completely new system ether.

Unlike the diesel version, this 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumor seems much more likely. Moreover, the hybrid Tacoma is a certain thing and it’s only a matter of time when we are about to see it.

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