2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign Speculations

The popular mid-size truck has been updated recently. It came with a new grille, with new color options and various interior features, including a new infotainment system and smartphone integrations. It’s a decent amount of updates, but most truck enthusiasts feel Toyota could have done thin update better. This is one of the main reasons why we can already find reports about the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign. This would mean a complete overhaul already a year after the mid-cycle refresh, which doesn’t make any sense.

We are pretty sure that all of you are aware that this redesign won’t happen in the next year. However, these reports are clearly indicating that the overhaul will still happen much earlier than you may think, maybe already in a couple of years. At this point, we can only speculate about possible changes, so take the following paragraphs with a big reserve.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign

What could 2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign bring?

Every redesign brings a lot of novelties and the 2021 Toyota Tacoma redesign wouldn’t be a surprise. However, you’re probably wondering which aspects of the truck would be in the company’s focus. Of course, a new platform is the first thing that comes to mind, along with new styling. Also, most of us count on all those things that have been rumored but didn’t come with the recent update. This particularly refers to new powertrain options, hybrid and diesel options in particular.


If you’re familiar with things that are currently happening in Toyota, you know that the next-generation Tundra is on its way. It will hit the market in the next year and it looks like there are tons of novelties to come. Among them, there is also a new architecture. It has been codenamed F1 and the latest reports are suggesting it will be highly modular. In practice, this means that all future body-on-frame vehicles will be built over this architecture. This includes the next-generation Tacoma as well. Benefits from the new platform would probably be great, although we still don’t know the exact details about it. Still, we may presume it would bring notable weight savings, improved driving characteristics etc.


Another thing we would expect to see from the 2021 Toyota Tacoma redesign is a completely new styling. Still, we have to say that the current model still looks very good, better than most rivals, despite the fact that the recent update was very modest with visual novelties. Practically, a new grille is the only major change we’ve seen. This is one of the reasons why many believe that a complete overhaul will happen pretty soon.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign TRD Pro

The next generation probably wouldn’t come with any radical changes. We count on the evolution of the current design language, which in practice means a pretty conventional styling approach, which is the thing that generally characterizes all pickup trucks.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign and Engines

New powertrain options were some of the most anticipated things of the recent update. Experts were talking about hybrid models, diesel engine etc. However, none of this happened.

Still, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen soon. This particularly refers to hybrid options. According to the latest reports, there are two options for Tacoma’s hybrid powertrain. The first one would be a four-cylinder based system, the same one we can see in the new Highlander. It features a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and a couple of electric motors, for a combined output of 240 horsepower. The biggest benefit of this powertrain would be the impressive fuel economy. With way over 30 mpg in a combined ride, the Tacoma would be the most fuel-efficient truck by a huge margin.

This powertrain would provide impressive mpg ratings. However, towing capacity probably wouldn’t be able to match diesel rivals. Therefore, many believe that the new model should use the same system that can be found in Lexus models. It is a V6 based system with a combined output of 354 horsepower. With this powertrain, Tacoma would be able to tow much more, while fuel economy would still remain better compared to diesel rivals.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign Diesel price TRD Pro


Many reports were suggesting diesel Tacoma as well, given the fact that rivals already have or prepare such versions. Of course, the Tacoma would utilize t a 2.8-liter turbodiesel from HiLux, which is good for about 180 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. However, we are pretty sure that the Japanese manufacturer will focus on hybrid models, so this engine probably won’t be a part of the 2021 Toyota Tacoma redesign.

When to expect 2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign?

The 2021 Toyota Tacoma Redesign is just a rumor and we are pretty sure it won’t happen. However, this doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the near future, as we are pretty sure that the current model won’t be in the production for a full decade, like it was the case with the previous generation.

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  1. Please incorporate paddles on wheel for downshifting…. I have had 3 tacomas’s , all manual , however , would consider automatic if had option with put into manual position if desired..


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