2021 Toyota Tacoma News: Diesel, Hybrid, Redesign

The popular mid-size pickup truck has been updated recently. However, we are already getting all kinds of 2021 Toyota Tacoma news that suggest novelties already for the next year. Most of these reports are based on rumors and it is very questionable whether these things are about to happen. Still, there a lot of interesting things to read, so we find it’s okay to put them in this article.

Of course, most of these 2021 Toyota Tacoma news is about the powertrain. Truck enthusiasts had pretty big expectations from the recent update, but things under the hood have remained the same. Diesel and Hybrid versions didn’t happen, so we can now hear talks about how these updates have been delayed for the next year. Of course, these are just rumors, while the company is still quiet on this matter. Also, we can hear talks about an early redesign, considering that the recent update wasn’t quite generous in terms of novelties.

2021 Toyota Tacoma News TRD Pro

2021 Toyota Tacoma News About Diesel

A diesel version of Tacoma was one of the most anticipated novelties for the 2020 update. However, it didn’t happen. Therefore, we can hear 2021 Toyota Tacoma news that suggests an oil burner for the next year. Of course, the story is the same as a year ago. Toyota doesn’t have too many options, so we presume that the unit will be borrowed from Hilux. Of course, that would be a 2.8-liter turbodiesel, which is good for about 177 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. Also, there’s a chance we could see a slight power boost, considering that engines from rivals are more powerful.

In any case, we may count on notable benefits in terms of towing capacity, which should definitely go over 7.500 pounds. Also, improvements in terms of fuel economy seem like a certain thing, given the fact that current gasoline engines are quite thirsty.

2021 Toyota Tacoma News On Hybrid

These days, it looks like Toyota will pick a hybrid model over oil-burner. Considering that the Japanese manufacturer is one of the industry leaders when it comes to hybrid technologies, this seems logical. However, it is hard to predict the exact system for the mid-size truck. On one side, many reports suggest a smaller, four-cylinder gasoline engine coupled with a pair of electric motors. Practically, this would mean the system that recently debuted in the all-new HIhglander. The system combines a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and two electric motors, for a total output of 240 horsepower. According to some estimations, fuel economy would go over 30 miles per gallon with ease.

2021 Toyota Tacoma News Hybrid

This small hybrid system seems great in terms of fuel economy, but we are not sure if it would be able to match towing ratings of diesel rivals. Therefore, many believe that the new truck could come with a more powerful, V6-based system. Of course, that would probably be a familiar system that can be found in the Lexus LS 500h, which is good for about 354 horsepower. Such numbers would mean strong towing capabilities, while the fuel economy should remain at a relatively high level as well, probably at around 27-28 mpg in a combined ride.


Among various kinds of 2021 Toyota Tacoma news, we can also find reports that suggest an early redesign. Things are pretty straight here and a complete overhaul seems closer than you may think. First of all, the recent update wasn’t that generous in terms of novelties. The visual changes were pretty modest, while the engine lineup has remained the same. Also, we all know that the next generation of the full-size Tundra is coming next year. The thing with this redesign is that the new truck will ride on a new, modular F1 platform.

This “modular” means it will be used for both full-size and mid-size trucks, which means that Tacoma’s overhaul won’t require that much time. Of course, the redesign won’t happen in the next year, but we don’t expect a decade-long production cycle either.

2021 Toyota Tacoma News – Things Will Remain Same

All these 2021 Toyota Tacoma news were around for the previous-year model as well and none of these happened. Therefore, most car experts believe that the upcoming model won’t feature any particular change. It would carry on with the same design characteristics and features, while things like hybrid or diesel engines would come after the redesign.

2021 Toyota Tacoma News

Therefore, you may expect that the 2021 Toyota Tacoma will carry on with all the novelties that came with the recent updates. Some of the most notable updates are things like new infotainment systems, smartphone integrations, power-adjustable driver’s seats and similar things. Also, there are new camera-based systems for better off-roading, while the TRD Pro model also came with new Fox Shocks and higher ground clearance. Also, there are things like new grille, new color options etc. The base model goes around 26.000 dollars.

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