2021 Toyota Tacoma Concept Rumors

If you look at the recently updated version of Tacoma, it becomes pretty clear that more changes about to come in the near future. It looks like truck enthusiasts have expected more from this update. Unfortunately, the focus was on critical things only, so the new version comes with new features, but doesn’t feature any particular visual changes. That’s one of the reasons why the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Concept has been rumored. According to them, the Japanese manufacturer is about to present a concept version of this truck, which will be some kind of preview for the next-generation model.

Speaking of the next generation, it looks like it will come earlier than you may have expected. While the previous generation was in production for a full decade, the current one won’t have such a long lifespan. We count that the current Tacoma will remain in production for a couple of more years. After that, we will see a complete overhaul and the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Concept should serve to introduce us with the future version of the most popular mid-size pickup truck on the market. We expect to see this concept sometime in the next year.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Concept Rumors

2021 Toyota Tacoma Concept Design

There is no doubt that the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Concept will be an introduction to the next-generation model. Therefore, we expect to see a lot of brand-new design solutions and technologies. This redesign will bring loads of changes and one of the first things that come to mind is the platform. According to most reports, the new F1 architecture that will debut in the new Tundra is actually highly modular, so there is no doubt it will be used for the new Tacoma as well. This concept will be a perfect opportunity to see all of its benefits. Of course, some of the benefits are weight reduction, but also better capabilities, as the new chassis is expected to be reinforced and stiffer, which in practice means better towing capacity.

Styling and Interior Design

Of course, one of the most interesting things of the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Concept will be to see its aesthetics. This concept will show in which direction will next-generation go. It’s not hard to presume that there will be a lot of futuristic styling solutions, but we are pretty sure that the styling will be conventional enough, so many solutions would carry over to the production model as well.

On the other side, it is still unclear whether the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Concept is going to show interior design or not. In any case, we expect that the new generation will come with notable improvements in terms of interior styling and overall  quality. Of course, loads of new tech features are expected as well.

Toyota Tacoma Interior

2021 Toyota Tacoma Concept Powertrain

Many see this concept as a perfect opportunity to for Toyota to present a new powertrain options. There were some pretty big expectations from the recent update. Unfortunately, things have remained the same, to Tacoma is still available just with two gasoline options, despite the rumors about diesel and hybrid versions.

For this occasion, we would put out bets on a hybrid powertrain. We know that the Tundra will come electrified, but we count on the same thing from the next-gen Tacoma. Two possibilities come to mind at the moment. One is to see a familiar 240-hp hybrid system from the new Highlander, which guarantees impressive mpg ratings and overall efficiency. However, there is also a chance to see something more powerful, something that doesn’t guarantee just great fuel economy, but also strong capabilities. Some V6-based system sounds perfect for this occasion and it could be either a completely new one, or some familiar, such as a 354-hp system that powers Lexus LS 500h.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Concept TRD Pro

Tacoma Redesign and Key Improvements

The 2021 Toyota Tacoma Concept will be a preview of the next-generation Tacoma, but most of the improvements we won’t be able to see until the new model hits the road. Although the most popular model in the segment, the current generation has a couple of notable drawbacks, so we have big expectations from the upcoming redesign.

One of the first improvements we expect to see is towing capacity. The current model can tow just 6.800 pounds. That’s below modern standards of the segment, as most rivals are good for at least 7.500 pounds. Also, we count on a better fuel economy, considering that the two gasoline engines are quite thirsty.

Another aspect where we expect to see improvements is the interior space. The current cabin is among the smallest in the class, and Tacoma can be pretty tight in certain conditions. Therefore, bigger size is one of the things that come to mind. Naturally, we count on more features, though the recent update has solved some critical issues, with things like new infotainment system, power-adjustable driver seat etc.

We expect to see next-generation Tacoma in about two years.

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