These Are 2020 Toyota Tacoma Colors

The popular mid-size truck is coming with several updates for the next year. There is a slightly updated styling, new features, latest tech additions and similar things. How about 2020 Toyota Tacoma colors? At this point, we know several things for sure, but some details are still about to come. Like in the previous year models, the new version will also come with a wide palette of finishes, as well as with a fine number of interior color schemes. Also, we presume that, just like it was the case so far, the new model will have several color options that will remain exclusive to certain trim levels.

2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Colors

Let’s talk about certain things first. At this point, we know for sure that there will be some pretty interesting novelties in terms of 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro colors. In the last year, this off-roader was available in just to finishes – the famous Vodoo Blue and Midnight Black Metallic. For the next year, the Japanese manufacturer brings back the Super While finish, which was available in some previous year models. Finally, there is a brand-new Army Green color, which will, without any doubt, be a pretty popular choice.

2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Colors Army Green

2020 Toyota Tacoma Colors – Exterior

When it comes to the rest of the trim levels, the exact details are still unavailable. Still, we doubt that there will be too many changes. A new color or two may come, the core will remain the same. Once again, the choice will largely depend on the trim level you pick. At the current model, the base SR trim offers Barcelona Red Metallic, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Midnight Gray Metallic, Quicksand, Silver Sky Metallic and Super White. Higher trims (SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road and Limited) are also available in these finishes, but also in Cavalry Blue and Cement variants. We presume that the range-topping Limited trim could come with additional options.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Colors Cavalry Blue

2020 Toyota Tacoma Colors –Interior

Novelties are possible on the inside as well. The current model already comes with a variety of color schemes in the offer. Still, we could see some additions for the next year as well. Still, most of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma colors will remain the same, especially in lower trims. For example, the base SR trim is available in Cement Gray interior color only and we presume that things will remain in the same in the future as well. The same thing goes for the SR5, which is, beside Cement Gray, also available in Black/Caramel and Black/Red schemes.

The range-topping Limited trim is currently available with Black or Hickory interior color, though we could see a couple of novelties for the next year. Of course, it will largely depend on the offer of new exterior colors.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Colors - Hickory Interior

When it comes to TRD division, Sport and Off-Road models offer three combinations – Black/Gun Metal, Black/Orange and Graphite. The TRD Pro is available in the Black interior only and we doubt that something will change with the upcoming model.


As you can see, novelties will come in terms of 2020 Toyota Tacoma colors as well. The upcoming update brings a plethora of changes and considering that there aren’t many of aesthetical ones, new colors are definitely more than welcome. Also, keep in mind that we are still waiting to hear something from the officials on this matter. So, take the previous paragraphs with a small reserve.

The new model will hit the market pretty soon, with the base price of around 25.000 dollars.

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